I am completely thrilled to be a part of this ornamental tattoo weekend, Decoratif. When I first started tattooing seven years ago, I knew right away that I wanted to focus primarily on ornamental designs and up until recently I had never felt any comradery within that passion. 

Jeff’s idea of creating an ornamental tattoo weekend at our NW shop is so exciting to me it seems surreal that it is happening. After presenting my first seminar for the first time last October and witnessing the immediate changes and growth in myself and the attendees firsthand....I feel such a strong desire to share,collaborate and give as much as I can to this genre of tattooing that has seeped into my soul. 

I am honored and humbled to be among an amazing lineup of extraordinary artists coming together with individual perspectives and talents….held in the beautiful Off the Map NW shop….(and we get to go wine tasting after?!) It’s the perfect platform to propel the realm of decorative tattooing to somewhere it’s never been before. I can't wait. 


Laura Jade



Tickets available now! 


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